Our Story

On April 25th 1967, the Honda of Norfolk Legacy was established by CJ Allard and partners

Being the gear head/speed lovers that everyone was, tearing up the straight away in front of the shop and matching anyone who wanted a a piece was an everyday occurrence, until the law caught on and quieted things down. The passion for keeping bikes maintained and ready for anything is what kept the reliability and consistent service alive for so many years. Everybody at the shop rides and loves what they do, so the motivation for professional service and lasting friendships comes easily even to this date.



CJ passed December 6th 2004 and the business was held on and driven by his wife Pam.  In April 2014 Honda of Norfolk was re-purchased by Pams husband Woody Barlow and his partner Larry. They have devoted there time and money into continuing the legacy started so long ago and keeping it up to times for today.