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5 Stars.  I have a vintage '74 Honda CB450 and have taken her to quite a few different mechanics but nobody does it better than Honda of Norfolk... so much so that I will NOT take her anywhere else. I have been working with Cody since day one and he has been to most helpful, upfront and honest mechanic I have ever come across. If you are in need of ANY servicing, technical assistance or just want to pop in to learn from the best, go to Honda of Norfolk! By Jarrell Williams

"I really found this staff at this location to be very nice and easy to work with. Frank Webster was very helpful and we closed a deal on a used bike quickly. He helped me get finance for the bike and arranged to hold the bike in storage for free until I could take delivery a month later. Mechanics, parts, and Cameron were very helpful as well. I will definitely have the bike serviced there and purchase future bikes there as well. Not sure why there were a couple neg reviews, I think these guts are great and I'm pretty anal about customer service. They get five stars from me!" By Erik from Chesapeake, VA

"I recently rode in to Honda of Norfolk on my 2004 VTX18C to take a look at new bikes and see what kind of deal I might get on a trade in. Dave Stambleck assisted me and showed me the 2013 VT1300 Interstate they had in stock. I was thrilled with the bike, and I was never pressured or rushed to make a decision. With the discount they gave on the new bike and the trade in allowance on my old bike, I got a great price and they got me great financing. I would very highly recommend dealing with Honda of Norfolk. Also their parts and service department is outstanding as well, and they have been servicing my old VTX for the past 9 years. I have been a long time customer and will continue to deal with Honda of Norfolk as long as I continue to ride. Thank you Dave ! " By Allen from Norfolk, VA

"Mechanics are TOP NOTCH!!! I took my '02 Shadow 1100 to a dealership (that I won't name) for routine maintenance and I got the bike back in worse shape than when it went in. I just picked it up, and it runs better than it did when I first bought it!! Look up the word professional in the dictionary and you will find pictures of Cody and Dave. Their answers to all of my questions were spot-on. Paul (at the parts desk) was also full of helpful information to make my cycle life more enjoyable. This is the dealership I have been looking for in Hampton Roads! Thank you. :D" By Bruce from Norfolk, VA

"Saturday Labor Day Weekend, we were in the middle of a long trip with over 5000 miles on the last service. I stopped to purchase an upper communication cable (which no other dealership had). While there I asked Dave Hunter if he could fit in a service for me. This was at noon, and they close at 3:00 pm on Saturday's. He sent his helper out to get lunch for all of us. They took a short break and started on my bike. The service they did was more complete than I have had in some time. It was unbelievable what he was able to do and the fact that they pushed everything aside and fit us in. I can't say enough for the service and friendly people at this dealership. Please support them as they have more than supported me in my time of need. Bert Dennis" By Bert from UT

"I have been looking for a motorcycle to purchase for several years. Harley, Victory, Triumph...I researched several manufacturers and models. I came across the Honda Fury and instantly knew that was the one for me. Being a Norfolk native, I went to Honda of Norfolk and saw what would be my new bike on the showroom floor. Dave Stambleck introduced himself and we talked for a while about WHY I wanted the bike I was looking at. It was almost as if he wouldn't let me buy a bike unless he felt like I was making the best informed decision. Ultimately, I returned to Honda for a second look and once we started talking business, it was like talking to a long time friend who wanted to help me. Every detail of the transaction was easy. On the day I picked up my bike, it seemed as if every person in the dealership had a hand in the transaction. It was almost as if I was one of their family members and they were making sure I had everything I needed. I would definitely recommend them to a friend and when I am ready to get another bike, I will return to Honda of Norfolk." By Wayne from Norfolk, VA

"Well let me start with saying Dave is really nice. I am 21 years old and got my first Honda metropolitan 2013 . I was really scared at first as this was my first scooter and vehicle , but Dave gave me lots of confidence. I bought a new helmet, bike chain, and lock. Let me say no one was as nice as the people at the Honda of Norfolk. Very helpful. great experience. I brought my scooter home and was still nervous, but once I took the plunge and got on it was the funnest thing ever and Dave was right to do it where I was more familiar with the area , my neighborhood. well I love my new metropolitan and thanks again." By Anonymous from Virginia Beach, VA

"I am a professional detailer ( ) and came to a point where I needed a new generator. I stopped into Honda of Norfolk just to look around. Well I ran into Dave Stambleck. Next thing I know I am walking out of the shop with a brand new Honda EU3000isn. Best I have ever owned. 1. Remote start 2. Most excellent efficency with the eco throttle 3. Smaller size 4. Shocking and unbelievable power 5. Customers are most impressed with how quiet the unit is. 6. 3 year parts and labor warranty. ( Are you kidding me ? ) 7. Dave and his team did all the register paper work for me right there at the store. ( Very classy customer service ) Ray Taylor 406-2731" By Ray from Norfolk, VA

"I called Dave Stambleck and asked about a CBR250R he cut to the chase and told me what the Out-The-Door price was before I could even ask. He was up front and pulled no punches, and I cant begin to tell you how refreshing that is. If more people where up front and honest about the way they do business the world would be a much better place. Needless to say today is 5 days from the time I talked to Dave and I road home on my new bike. THANK YOU DAVE & HONDA OF NORFOLK!!! You folks are TOP NOTCH!!! and you have a customer for life. For those of you who read this review and are thinking about getting a bike. Don't think about it call Dave and get to riding!!! " By Jeremy from Virginia Beach, VA

"I went in to buy oil, spark plugs, filter etc, Paul was awesome, didn't even need to look it up. He is awesome, changed everything and it was great. Thanks for the service." By Anthony from Chesapeake, VA

"I had a wonderful experience with the team of Honda of Norfolk. On my way home I decided to drive through Honda of Norfolk and as I was driving one bike got my attention and my wife wanted to know what happened. I pointed out that black, chrome plated stood out. I never thought I will be able to own that. But any way I walked into the show room and Dave greeted me. he is very knowledgeable about bikes and he gave the history of shadow Aero . In three to five minutes he gave me the price. I was very impressed with his honesty and truthfulness. I also happen to meet Dave and Mike the tech. Dave took time to explain the gadgets of the shadow 09. These individuals are the cream of the crop. today I own 09 shadow Aero and I thank all the staff for the hospitality. " By Ranjit from Chesapeake, VA

"Mike did excellent work on my 2 94 pacific coast,kept me up to date and made it another great experience at Honda of Norfolk" By Tom from Hampton, VA

"I had a wonderful experience buying at Honda of Norfolk. The people are great, and very service focused. After shopping elsewhere I can say based on my experience that it's was well worth the drive. The prices are very competitive without "the attitude". When I first drove up I wasn't sure what to expect, (not much to look at from the outside) but I am glad I went on in. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful. I love my Goldwing." By John from Virginia Beach, VA

"Mike did a great job servicing my 99 Magna. She runs great and was well cared for while Norfolk Honda had her. I would highly recommend Norfolk Honda for your future service needs." By Richard from Chesapeake, VA

"Best dealership in the area!! Nobody else can compare to the knowledge and service that you get at Honda of Norfolk." By Martin from Suffolk, VA

"I have had my 07 spirit for a year now and have enjoyed it very much,got her inspected today and the service was great! That 07 vtx 1800 in the showroom made me stop and drool for a min very sweet." By Tom from Hampton, VA

"I had a 1988 Honda GL1500 Gold Wing for about two years and had it serviced by Honda of Norfolk when I bought it. I even had them put an air ride front end on it. What a difference it made, just as Dave Hunter said it would. I was treated great by the staff and without a doubt they were very honest with me about what my Gold Wing did or did not need. You just can not replace any establishment when it comes to honest service. Worth its weight in gold. I had been giving it serious thought about replacing my first motorcycle with a 2008 GL1800 Gold Wing but was not sure I wanted to part with my 1988 G1500 Gold Wing since it only had 46,000 miles and was in perfect condition. I stopped by Honda of Norfolk during lunch to look at the 2008 GL1800 and starting talking with Dave Stambleck who I used to work with before he retired. He was showing me the G1800 and then I made the mistake of sitting on it. Yep you guessed it I was done in and just had to have the bike. I told Dave what my budget was and he did his magic with the numbers. Dave called me and informed me of what he could do and left the rest up to me. Dave never pressured me by calling me back. He was straight forward and hid nothing. I thought about it for a few days as I struggled with getting rid of my 88 Gold Wing but took the dive anyway. I will never regret calling Dave back to start the process of owning this great bike. Dave S & Dave H you have a loyal customer for Life. I love it when those Harley bikes have to shut down sitting in traffic jams in hot weather and I don't have too. My wife and I just sit there and smile at them while listening to the great tunes. An for those Harley guys, you're right it's not a Harley. It's a dependable bike, a Honda." By Steve from Virginia Beach, VA

"Hey, everyone. I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks to everyone at Honda of Norfolk for the outstanding service I received. Dave in sales couldn't have been more helpful. I told him what I wanted in a new bike, and told him what my budget was, and he pointed me to my 2008 Shadow 750 Aero. It was exactly the bike I've wanted since I was a kid. The guys in service are some of the best Techs I've ever met, being both honest and fair in price, and trust me, having good and honest techs, is something you can't put a price tag on. I really have trouble believing that I bought a 750, this thing performs so well. I've been on a number of rides with my girlfriend in tow, and I have to say the bike has not failed to impress. Rock solid on the highway, and plenty of power all the way through the powerband. I'll never own another type of bike. It hangs right with those "big boys", and with the addition of some unbaffeled vance & hines pipes, it sounds like 'em too. I'll never get tired of having people pulling up beside me, and saying; "Hey, that's not a Harley!" My response? "Nope. it's better!"." By Jason from Norfolk, VA

"From the day that I walked in the the showroom, there were no pressure to purchase anything. The staff were wonderful (Jake). friendly and always willing to go out of the way to please, they even help deliver the motorcycle to my home when I had no way of getting it there. to me that is what true service is all about. I will always purchase my bikes from there. keep up the great work." By Anthony from Virginia Beach, VA

"It was a pleasure & a blessing working w/David S. in sales for my son's new 2007 Honda VTX1300. He gave us the best price, honest info, & no sales pressure. Nice to work w/a pro in sales. It was GREAT having Dave H. in your service dept service my 2007 Goldwing. He did an excellent job of service & adding 4 new items to my bike. It looked brand new when we picked it up. The man is an pro expert. We live very close to another dealer in NN but made the correct decision, advised by many other local Goldwing owners, on choosing Honda of Norfolk as "our Honda dealer", both in sales & service. You have a wonderful dealership & a solid reputation in VA. Thanks! John Stevens" By John from Newport News, VA

"A big THANKS to Eric for making the sales process very pleasant for me on the purchase of my new VTX1300S on 05/15/08. He put up with me changing colors and then bike models, filling out one form only to rip it up and fill out another as I changed my mind. Thanks, Eric!!!! I'm a new HoN customer and live across the water on the Peninsula. I could have shopped closer to home, but in the end, I chose to do business with HoN due to its excellent reputation for sales and service. I've bought 3 bikes in the last 5 years on a quest to upgrade to a comfortable ride with enough power to satisfy, which I've found in the VTX1300S. I'm expecting excellent service from Dave and his crew as there is one thing that makes me want to come back to a dealership to buy again: after-sales service and support. You can buy a MC from a thousand places, but you can't buy good after-sales service and support. That has to be ingrained into the business and from my short experience and what I hear of HoN, it is. My son graduates from college in 2 years and will be in the market for a new ride at that time. Plus, my wife is dropping hints that sound like a GW to me after all the kids are out of college in 4 years. So, I'm expecting a long and fruitful relationship with HoN. Thanks again to Eric and the sales support staff, service for getting the bike ready when they said it'd be and to the management of HoN for making my purchase such a pleasant experience. Greg DiGiorgio" By Greg from Newport News, VA

"Thanks Eric, I really love my Shadow 750." By Tom from Hampton, VA
"My future wife Angelle is highly pleased with her 2007 Honda VT750 in Flake Metallic White. She has rode out of state to NC and on a long ride to Surry without a problem. We put leather saddlebags, engine guards, and a windshield on the bike. I have been a customer since the early 90's of Honda of Norfolk and I will never shop anywhere else for a new or used Honda motorcycle. " By Frank from Virginia Beach, VA

"I read reviews on the local dealerships and found the Norfolk of Honda lived up to the reviews. Frank was courteous and understood where I was coming from. You want a bike, no place to go but Honda of Norfolk. " By Jeff Hildreth from Chesapeake, VA

"I drove away on 6-8-15 on a new to me (2005) Honda Goldwing. I just wanted you to know how happy I am. I responded to a Craigs List post with a somewhat sarcastic post why dealers not showing the mileage and cost and how it turns me off. A sales person named Frank e-mailed me back with some statistical info why they do it and include the mileage and cost which catch my attention. The following week I drove to Honda of Norfolk and have been satisfied ever since. Frank was such a wonderful person with a kind and graceful personality that treated me and made me feel very comfortable. I ended up trading in my VTX1800C for the Goldwing. I feel like I got a very good deal compared to other sales on Craigslist. And OMG after driving the Goldwing I never knew what I was missing. I thought the VTX was a great handling bike for it's size and power, but I was ignorant. The Goldwing appears to be an intimidating bike for it's size, but it has the nimbleness of a sport bike, and comfort of a Cadillac. I never knew what i was missing until I got on a Goldwing. The power, quietness, smoothness, and accessories are un-matched. I just wanted Honda of Norfolk to know how happy I am and to give thanks to Frank and Cameron who helped me on this journey." By Eddie Campbell from Chesapeake, VA